Host club de Traditional Sushi cutting with Dance party!

Have you ever heard about "Maguro House"?

This is traditional Sushi cutting with House music party! It's very popular for foreigners because you can see Traditional Tuna cutting show in the night club with Trend house music! It's the only event that you can experience in Japan!

They are going to organize the event at "Host Club" (A club which provides male hosts for women)

In this time  they collaborate with super popular "Host Club" in Japan called "Ai Honten" 
We believe that it is going to be good experience for foreigner and tourist!  


The best part of the show is "Huge Tuna cutting with house music" Sushi master will vibrate with a beautiful special knife with a huge tuna as large as 60 kg!!! After that he offer a fresh Sashimi and Japanese Sake to you! And also super sexy dancer makes your happiness!

Maguro house is not making only for fun. Making delicious and happiness too! Please join us!(detail is below)



Ai Honten (Shinjuku ,Kabukicho)

DATE 2017/11/23 (Thursday)




Mans 3000yen 1D

Ladies 2000yen 1D

Ladies set Ticket

3000yen 2 D

Door Mans ¥3500 1D Ladies ¥2500 1D



  • 1000 / 1000

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