Form Paradise 泡パラダイス!@Club Asia

Awapa ® 2018 is proud to announce this year's theme, 

"AWA Paradise"

So far it 50,000 people have gathered to dance covered in foam in the previous hands-on event "Awapa ®"

For the first time from the 2018 annual Art theme "Foam Paradise (foam Paradise)" set a, all eight times from Golden Week to Halloween, will be held in Shibuya clubasia!

Here, within the "Paradise" is shining in one of the most popular beaches in the world. TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site has announced, the image of the "Grace Bay" in the Caribbean have been here.

On the main floor "White Island" , the image of a luxury resort in the Caribbean.

Cover the entire venue with a huge white cloth, in a space decorated with balloon of white and turquoise blue accents, a large amount of white foam is released, it will change in conjunction with the music of the floor to the paradise of everlasting summer!

Let's enjoy the resort atmosphere at the White Corde!

1F bar "Caribbean stand" in, the image of a festival of the Caribbean, the Caribbean countries of the national flag and the green is decorated with tropical birds chirping and the DJ will be playing groovy house for everyone to enjoy.

And tropical drinks to match the theme. For food, Caribbean specialties such as jerk chicken you can enjoy.

2018 May 5th

Club Asia


男性早割 / Early Bird for MEN



女性早割 / Early Bird for WOMEN



男性前売 / ADV Ticket for MEN ¥3,000

女性前売 / ADV Ticket for WOMEN ¥2,000

女性ペア割 / Group Ticket for WOMEN(2People) ¥3,000

カップル割 / Group Ticket for Couple(2People) ¥4,000

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