"MAGURO HOUSE" Traditional Sushi cutting with Dance party!


Have you ever seen someone cut a huge tuna together with dance music at a Night club or “Host club”? This will be legendary!

Super photogenic & Crazy fun party from Japan!

The best part of the show is "Huge Tuna cutting with house music"

Sushi master will vibrate with a beautiful special knife with a huge tuna as large as 60 kg!!! After that he offer a fresh Sashimi and Japanese Sake to you! And also super sexy dancer makes your happiness!


May 13th Shinjuku hold “Connect Kabukicho” (Music festival in town)

Maguro house is one of these events.


2018.May 13th (Sun)

13:00 ~ 21:00


Ai Honten(Kabukicho)

map https://goo.gl/maps/jaiBugFhnwM2


CONNECT KABUKICHO FULL TICKET (Including 10 place excursion ticket)


Buy ADV ticket here↓


"Tuna cutting show time ticket"

Required to buy one more ticket  if you want to join "Tuna cutting show" 

This ticket including "Tuna Sashimi & glass of champagne "

You can buy this ticket only there and limited 200 people.

Important notice

・ CONNECT KABUKICHO FULL TICKET is required to join this event.

And also required to buy "Tuna cutting show time ticket" if you want to eat super flesh Tuna sashimi.

・If you do not have  the "Tuna cutting show time ticket" you cannot stay there between 19:00-20:15!

 This event is for men and women over 20 years old.

· When you enter the store, there is a case to check the identification with the face photo.

· Do not forget to drink alcohol or charge you for a high price, so do not worry.

· Tuned tuna for advance tickets(200Eclipse)We are preparing.

· The copyrights on the pictures and images inside the dance floor photographed within the event belong to the organizing of this event. Please understand beforehand that it may be used in notice etc. of the event.

· Please note that food and drinks other than those included in the price will be charged separately.

· If you are in charge of a host of love head office, please consult the person in charge.

· According to the judgment of the organizer, contents of this rule are subject to change without notice. When there is a change, I will announce you each time.



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